ctivity and his pledge to seek synergy in developmen

t strategies and cooperation initiatives with releva▓

nt parties.Infrastructure is of great significance to

eco▓nomic growth. Without the connectivity of infrastru

cture, it▓ is difficult to achieve any goal, Lee said.Meanwhile, Xi's emphasis on opening-up was welcomed by Li Zhuohu▓i, an Indonesian political analyst.Xi's pledge to pursue an opening-up strategy with greater resolve would provide extensive opportunities to business communities around the globe and▓ add dynamic impetus to world economy, and it also reflects China's willingness to achieve win-wi▓n cooperation with other countries, Li said.Enriqu▓e Posada, director of t


he Asia Pacific Virtual R▓esearch Cente

r at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia, told Xinhua that Xi's speech, underlining an open and integrated economy, connectivity and innovation, has a global vis

ion."Even though the domestic peace pro

c▓ess is currently the focus of the Colombian government, academia and the agricultural sector in Colombia should discuss the possibility of a free trade agreement wit

h China," Posada said.Claiming himself

a strong supporter of globalization, Victor▓ Modderman, a leading member of Canadian m▓edia pool covering the APEC meetings in Lima, showed great interest in Xi's remark

Chian Siong